The Benefits of Using Consulting Agency for malaysian passport renewal singapore

When it comes to issues of immigration and residence permits, there are many pitfalls that can be easily avoided by hiring a professional consultant. An experienced consultant will be able to guide you through your application process with expertise and ensure that no mistakes are made along the way. This can save you time, money and stress while providing peace of mind that everything is being handled properly. With one single point of contact and a high success rate on applications, agencies such as IVC-Services can help simplify what seems like a difficult process. Consulting with an agency like IVC-Services may be your first step towards enjoying life in another country.

Our business model focuses on matching up our clients with a Consultant that best matches their needs. Our consultants do not earn a cent unless you’re successfully approved to immigrate to your chosen country! We also provide optional add-on services such as Marriage and Employment services to our clients, all at competitive pricing. And we offer one-stop shop service by providing a checklist of everything you’ll need in order to immigrate; just follow it and relax, knowing that when you arrive at your destination country, we have taken care of everything else!

This can vary, but it is typically anywhere. IVC-Services do not represent Government Department of any Country, also not affiliated or tied up with any Embassy/Authority. IVC-Services is a private Consulting Agency, which caters various professional services related to various Countries and Charges a Consulting fee. This service has three stages- Consultation, Documentation & Process and Approval at Ministry level or other high Authority in relevant country and Filing Processing with concerned Office of Law or Foreign Ministry there.

You can reach us directly through our Contact Us Page. Our contact details are provided on our about us page. We are always open to suggestions and criticisms so feel free to use that option as well if you want.

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